Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Do People Engage in Business?

Bakit nga ba Napapasok sa  Negosyo ang isang tao?

Here is the concrete explanation according to a Management Book "Management for Filipinos" by Conrado E. Inigo, Jr., Ph. D.

Ang sabi sa libro :

'People engage in business because of certain stimuli, and these are the motivational factors. These factors can be clearly explained and directly linked with the theory postulated by Abraham W. Maslow, an Industrial psychologist. According to his Hierarchy of Needs theory, there are five needs of men that are to be satisfied continually in the following order :

  1. Physiological or biological need - the essentials for survival, such as the need for food, clothing, shelter , sex, air, water 
  2. Safety need - the desire for security, stability, or protection against danger;
  3. Social need - the need for group belongingness, affection of love, and friendship;
  4. Ego or self-esteem need - the need for self-recognition or group satisfaction;
  5. Self-fulfillment need - the need for the realization of personal goal or ambition.'

Ngayon paano natin ito ma-irerelate sa isang MLM Networking Business? Well bukod sa limang Basic needs na yan. meron pang isa na pangangailangan ng tao which is more important, at ito po ay ang Knowledge o Karunungan.

Maraming paraan para madevelop ang ating karunungan gaya ng Pag-aaral, Pagdiskubre ng mga bagay-bagay at ang magbasa. Sa panahon natin ngayon hindi lang libro ang gamit natin sa pagbabasa para madagdagan ang ating karunungan, meron narin tayong tinatawag na e-books or electronic books na pwedeng ma-download at magamit sa ating laptops, computers, ipad, tablets, atbp.

Alam niyo po bah na meron offer ang Supreme Wealth Alliance which is the Supreme Wealth Library na naglalaman ng more than 2000+ titles!!, like Business tactics & strategies Books,,Self-help Books, Health Books at madami pang iba na pwede mong i-apply sa pang araw araw na buhay at bukod pa doon, madadagdagan pa ang ating kaalaman.

Ang Supreme Wealth Alliance ay isa lamang sa pinaka successful MLM Networking Company sa ating bansa, bukod sa Karunungan or Knowledge na ibinabahagi nila, ay tinutulungan din  nila ang mga Tao na kumita ng extra income online. Paano nagiging successful ang mga members nito at kumikita ng malaki sa internet? Simple lang, binabasa nila ang mga e-books sa Supreme Wealth Library at inaaply nila ang lahat ng natutunan nila sa mga e-books na kanilang nabasa sa lahat ng aspeto ng kanilang buhay kaya sila nagiging matagumpay at kumikita ng malaki sa SWA.

Another important thing na dapat i-consider to be successful is choosing the right company for you. If you choose the right one, everything will follow. I can say that Supreme Wealth Alliance is the right one. Aside from helping people to earn, they also helps people to grow.

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